No privacy in the workplace – Big brother is always watching!


It is a common feeling at work. Every little move is tracked under the guise of keeping the company and the employee’s safe; even changes and addition that feel like they are making work easier and more efficient, more often than not are just as much another way of keeping an eye on everybody. When the system knows more about your day ahead than you do, that can become a little unerring. For those using company computers and to be honest, any sort of tech belonging to the company, we all know the feeling of being very aware and careful about what you do, say when using these products. An organization ideally would like to know everything about their employees in order to make sure they are working properly during office hours, as well as, amongst other things, not engaging in anything untoward.

Conference room scheduling software is one of many workplace technological advances we have seen becoming extremely common recently. No longer are there an extensive and time consuming amount of messages and emails being sent out in order to find a suitable time and place for those needing to be in attendance. Nowadays, calendar integration makes it easy to see all the relevant peoples schedule and this software can then identify the right time and place in order for everyone to be able to attend. This is so common now that it is a vital part of the day-to-day running of an organisation, and is most likely taken for granted. Are we comfortable having our schedules being widely available, everyone knowing where you will be and who with at any point throughout the workday, and vice versa with theirs? Maybe it is so normal now than we have never stopped to consider this.

Many organisations use Microsoft’s Outlook, which is a personal information manager, including calendars and an email service amongst others. Conference room booking outlook is a very useful addition of conference room booking, available on Microsoft Outlook. This requires no extra training, while allowing total control over resource booking and allocation. This is a simple and extremely useful add-on which is so well integrated you would think it would have come as standard with Outlook, and would definitely notice if it was missing due to the disruption it would cause if removed. For many, the fact that pretty much all of their moves can and are tracked on the organizations network, is a given. For the majority of employees it does not cause any bother, but for a few, it may seem cause discomfort knowing that many people, not senior to them, are able to track them throughout the day. While it is understood that work time should be dedicated to work, there could seem to be an element of distrust from both employees and employers, the less privacy there is during this time.

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