Top 3 Office Products For 2018


New year, new software? No necessarily so. For the past few years I have been reviewing and choosing at the beginning of each year, what is in my opinion, the best office software for the coming year. Sometimes nothing really stands out for me and I even end up selecting the same software as the year prior. However, I believe that even products that are currently out are benefitting from constant innovation from a business standpoint.

  1. Room Scheduling Software

You can’t have an office with multiple meeting rooms and not be using room scheduling software, right? Personally, I cannot envisage working in an organization that hasn’t invested in such a simple and effective software allowing rooms to be booked at the touch of a button from your pc or your phone. The days of manually booking rooms through receptionists are well and truly over, as this is incredibly inefficient and time consuming.

A fantastic choice would be Pronestor’s software. It is not just a one-trick-pony; you can check attendees, the purpose of the meeting and also the duration of the meeting. Coupled with physical display systems, it is now easier than ever to organize meetings, leaving little reason for no-shows or confusion regarding its purpose.

  1. Shared Communication Applications

While emails still are the go-to channel for communicating in organizations, they can be slow and difficult to keep a track of. Enter apps such as Slack, which are great for company-wide communication and conversations can be categorized. Messaging is very quick and efficient just like instant messaging, and not as formal as emails.

Such applications are great for companies with up to 50 employees. Any more and it is not so efficient. By messaging through various channels, it helps you stay on track with whichever topic.

  1. Awesome Chairs

Even after all the years of research and findings that have shown how much bad posture can affect employees health many organizations are still stubborn enough to neglect the importance of a good chair. If you are spending the majority of your working day sat down (say 6-7 hours), it is only right you do so in comfort.

Great office chairs an example of products that I would constantly recommend as top office products year in year out, considering how much use we get out of them and how much we still neglect this. Check out the Herman Miller chairs, which constantly receive high praise and ratings. Remember, they may be simple items but treat them as an investment. The cost to an organization because of employee sick leave already makes the cost of these highly priced chairs worthwhile within a few months!

These are my top three office products for 2018. It is now up to you to decide what would be of most benefit to your organization. If you need to improve meeting bookings consider the room scheduling software. Streamline communication? Try communication apps. Problems with employees affected by poor posture? Consider investing in new chairs.