My Winter Closet Essentials For Ladies


In an era where fast fashion means a piece of clothing can go out of style just as quickly as it was conceived and manufactured, it is important to have some staple pieces of clothing you can rely on, year in, year out. Personally, I believe that purchasing higher quality clothing (usually at a higher price), trumps cheaper clothing that only stays in style for a season. For me, wearing clothes of a higher quality feels better, and is almost always more durable, which is very important during extreme weathers, especially during winter. Here are my essential items for my winter closet.

1. A wool sweater

These should be considered an essential for any woman’s winter wardrobe as they are incredibly versatile and are amazing for keeping you warm in even the coldest of elements. There are various types of wool, but cashmere appears to be the most popular (it is mine), and for good reason. Cashmere sweaters are generally not too thick, are smooth on the skin and can be worn with jeans, pants or skirts. They come in variety of colours and look even better when layered!

2. A raincoat to keep you warm and dry

There are so many types of raincoats for women that we now more options than the old typical hiking style raincoat. While those styles may still be in fashion, they aren’t always appropriate for certain outfits we may wear – a hiking raincoat really doesn’t go with dresses, ladies. Check out selections from brands such as Rains, for styles that not only look great with a variety of outfits, but do everything a great raincoat should – keep you and your outfit, dry.

3. A long coat

For those dry but cold days, my go-to is one of my long wool coats. This is perfect as it allows me to cover my whole body, keeping me warm in the elements, but is easily removable for when I step into the inevitably overheated office. Make a statement with a coat in a bold colour, to contrast with black outfits.

4. A puffer jacket for even the coldest days

Another jacket on my list but a definite essential, puffer jackets are great for days when you don’t want or need to think about what to layer underneath, instead, just throwing this on when the temperature goes below freezing. Choose a down insulated jacket of high quality to ensure maximum warmth without it being too bulky. Many puffer jackets are also water resistant so are perfect for extremely cold weather in the snow and rain.

As you can see my winter essentials mainly consist of the upper layers, and for good reason – you are more likely to feel and be affected by the cold from the waist up, and these garments can go along way to preventing this.