How to streamline the meetings process – It’s time to automate


We’ve all been there. Sat in a completely irrelevant and badly planned meeting, pretending to look interested when all we want to do it get back to that urgent piece of work we had no choice but to neglect for this shambles of a meeting! Ok, so that may be over dramatic, but we have all definitely been in meetings we feel we haven’t needed to be in, and we have all experienced problems organizing meetings in a work and out-of-work environment. We can ease the pressure and problems associated this by implementing a simple piece of software and a few physical products to support it.

Meeting booking software would be the first step towards streamlining the whole meetings process. If you were able to achieve most, if not all of the processes through one channel, then that would be the perfect solution. By being able to see who is available during the planned meeting time through shared schedules, as well as which rooms are vacant to hold the meeting, much of the hassle associated with organizing meetings are effectively removed. Integration with emails and calendars is how this is done, even between different organizations. If meeting rooms are shared spaces within a building, but are accessible by different companies, everyone is able to use the same booking solution even if they have different IT platforms and networks.

To have standalone software that could consolidate the meetings process would be great. To have this software integrated as a feature into other software that is used on a day-to-day basis, would be even more ideal. Considering that many organizations use Microsoft Outlook as an email application as well as a calendar manager, to be able to integrate features to help with the meeting process would be to kill two birds with one stone per se. With the conference room booking outlook, checking which rooms are available for meetings becomes a breeze. No need to physically walk around and check what is available, nor is there any need to check with the receptionist or secretary who would normally be in charge of booking the rooms. Instead it could all be viewed right there in the same application as what you would be using to answer the many emails received on a daily basis.

Jump at the chance if you are offered an application that can effectively combine meeting and conference room booking software. Valuable time and effort is saved, plus it just makes sense. Why would you not want to integrate these features with what is relevant; in this case, emails and calendars? Follow these steps and trim some of the “fat” from your organization’s processes and you will reap the benefits almost immediately!