How to Properly Wear a Shoulder Brace for Posture


Forward rounding shoulders is the first sign of bad posture. In most cases, you can correct this by wearing a shoulder brace for posture correction. This is not the only solution as you also need some back exercise for great results.

Postural shoulder braces are quite uncomfortable when you are starting to use them. You will experience back and shoulder pain in the first few weeks of use. To avoid this, ensure you wear them gradually. Do not spend long hours in them in the first days.

Here Is A Guide On How To Correctly Wear Shoulder Braces For Posture

Wear the shoulder brace on top of a shirt or vest for the most comfort. When you don’t it on bare skin, you will feel pressured and ditch it before achieving its purpose.

In the initial stages, you will have a hard time staying with it for long periods. Start by having it on for 10 to 15 minutes daily. Slowly increase this period until when you can maintain it for a whole day.

Ensure Your Back Is Straight

Ensure your back is straight before you fix the shoulder brace for posture. Stand with your back against and aligned to the wall to achieve this. Once done, fix the hooks and adjust to the far you feel comfortable. If pain sets in during rest time while in it, adjust your position, as it indicates a slump in your posture.

Feel A Tightness Or A Firm Grasp

When fastening the hooks, make it such a way to feel a tightness or a firm grasp against your body. The idea is not to get comfortable in it. If that happens, you may as well be doing nothing but adding an accessory to your dressing. It should, however, not be too tight to prevent you from breathing or moving well. If so, you either wearing it wrong, or you have a size smaller.

For cleaning, use gentle machine settings or hand wash in cold water. Always dry it on air after washing. Do not use a dryer.

Your posture took ages to form and correcting it will need a lot of consistency. Using a shoulder brace for posture correction does not give overnight results. Your muscles take time to train.