Be aware of these 11 signs of lung cancer


Every year more than 1.3 million people die due to lung cancer. If you diagnose lung cancer early i can – just like any other type of cancer – often be cured. It can be difficult ti detect the early symptoms of lung cancer, because they are not particularly obvious.

We have listed some warning signs of lung cancer. Some of the symptoms may surprise you because they are not that common. Always seek medical help if you experience any of the following signs, because the earlier the lung cancer is diagnosed the better are the chances of treatment.


11Unexplained Fatigue

Have you been feeling extremely tired for a while, without any real explanation, it can be a sign of lung cancer. Lung cancer cells is known to release a substance into you blood stream. This affects the adrenal glands function and your oxygen levels leaving you exhausted and feeling a lack of energy. Of course there can be million other causes of fatigue, and it might just be due to a cold, to much work, insomnia or the flu. However, if your fatigue persists, see your doctor, so he can examine you.