All you need to know about brain tumors


Every year another 22.000 people are diagnosed with brain tumors and more that 13.000 patients die every year because of brain tumors. Primary brain tumor is characterized by the tumor is formed directly in the brain and requires surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Secondary brain tumor is when the cancer spreads to the brain from other parts of the body. It requires Gamma knife surgery and chemotherapy and radiation.

Not all brain tumors are malignant, but they can still pose a danger to your health. The most common symptoms are headache, speech problems, vision problems, weakness in lims, and seizures. Most symptoms increases and you need to see a doctor, when experience some of the symptoms.

We have listed some facts about brain tumors you need to know:

6There are many symptoms of a brain tumor

There are many symptoms of brain tumor, and none of them should be ignored. The most frequent symptoms are personality changes, blurred vision, seizure, and difficulties in walking or even standing. Frequent headaches can also be a sign of a brain tumor, but often headaches are just headaches, and you need to see a doctor before jumping into conclusions.