4 Amazing Websites to Browse


What does an amazing website look and feel like? Think short loading times, a clean and easy to navigate layout, and loads of interesting content. Unfortunately, site that tick all of these boxes are few and far between, but it also means we definitely appreciate it more when we come across one that catches our eye. Below are a list of five amazing websites and a description on why they are so.

1) Airbnb

As one of the most popular online marketplaces for rental accommodation, you would expect Airbnb to have invested in a good looking, functional website, and you wouldn’t be wrong. In an industry where image is everything and repeat business is based on good past experiences, Airbnb’s website is beautifully made, simple to use and images used are well curated and professionally taken in most cases. The great thing is that it is not only their content on the website, but individual hosts upload their own images and descriptions, and many do so to the highest standard. It is great to see a unity between the provider and the host in terms of maintaining a high standard. It also has one of the best booking systems I might add!

2) National Geographic

It should be no surprise that the channel which has brought us so many stunning, eye-opening documentaries about the world, also impresses us with their website. As soon as you load their site you are greeted with one of many stunning images or videos in the header, and scroll a little further down to see high quality thumbnails and videos of current news. This is one of those websites you could find yourself getting lost in, not just because of its beauty, but also thanks to the oodles of interesting content it has in store.

3) Dezeen

One of the leading sites for architecture and interior design, Dezeen is the go to place for everything design related, and boy is it done well. A clean, easily navigated website, but the real selling point is the content. Dezeen has some of the most original and interesting content in this field, and the quality is magnified by the browsing experience you get from their website. Even if you are not usually enticed by these industries, you will no doubt find yourself clinking from link to link on topics you may have never before considered.

4) Sky Sports

For all the latest and most trusted news, Sky Sports delivers. Their website is well laid out and provides well-thought out and researched news on a very clean and responsive platform. The plethora of sports covered on their site is a dream for any sports fan, and saves you from having to jump around between different sites in search of news. And this site is not just focused on written articles, as there are often videos included to complement the articles, allowing you to choose how to consume the content.